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About Our School

The mission of Park Elementary School is to lead and engage students to reach their potential in a global society by providing a positive, nurturing and challenging environment where children succeed cognitively, socially and emotionally through shared responsibility of school, family and community.

We believe:

  • In high expectations for all regarding consistency, communication and collaboration.
  • Understanding individual rates and styles of learning and providing opportunity for inquiry and reflection.
  • Affirming the worth and diversity of the school community.
  • In having a respectful, supportive and trusting environment where people feel comfortable to openly express themselves.

Park Elementary utilizes inquiry methods and interdisciplinary units based on the Colorado Academic standards to engage students in authentic learning.  The Park culture embraces learning through mindful schools practices and character development.  Through character work, Park staff focuses on the following five aspects of emotional wellness to help prepare children for each stage of life: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.  These beliefs allow children to recognize emotions and values, as well as their individual strengths and limitations; how to manage emotions and behaviors to achieve goals; how to demonstrate understanding and empathy; to attain knowledge on how to form positives relationships and teamwork; and how to make ethical and constructive choice.  The school also sets high expectations for all students, through an understanding that students learn differently and at different rates.  Through these actions, students can affirm the worth and diversity of the school community, which is respectful, supportive and trusting.