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Student Led Conferences - Nov. 5th (Mon.-1:30pm-5:30pm) or Nov. 6th (Tues.-3:00pm-6:00pm)

Role of Parent/Guardian in Student-Led Conferences

  •        The parent/guardian must be willing to let the student speak, saving questions until the end.
  •        The parent/guardian arrives on time.
  •        The parent/guardian shares any lingering concerns with the crew advisors at the end of the conference.
  •        The parent/guardian helps the student meet his or her academic and behavioral goals by supporting their progress at home.

Parent/Family Norms

  •        Be fully present: Honor the process with open eyes and mind.
  •        Seek first to understand: Listen, watch, and ask questions without judgment.
  •       Ask questions:  Clarify student reflections with respectful questions.
  •       Enjoy yourself!  Take pride in the process of your child’s learning

We look forward to seeing you on Nov. 5th or 6th to celebrate your child’s growth and progress!