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Please Create A Marquee

Park Elementary Student Council team invites you to participate in the upcoming Thrones for Homes Fundraiser - May 22nd (Mon.) thru May 30th (Tues.)

For one week, Student council is asking everyone to bring any money- coins and dollars to vote for the COOLEST teachers in the school. Everyone can drop off their money into teacher’s jugs in the office for your vote of which teachers will win the prize. The teachers with the most money in each category at the end of the week will experience Panther Pride Coolness…. get this... with an ice bucket challenge on a hot afternoon on May 31st, day before school is out. The whole school will get to witness this COOL Challenge. Teachers will compete against each other as follows: Preschool/Kinder/First grade, Second/Third, Fourth/Fifth, and Support Staff/Specials/Administration.


Morning announcements will feature water facts to help us remember to preserve our precious resource and build awareness of the earth. Also, listen to announcements for leading teachers who step closer for the refreshing prize.


The fundraiser will be Monday, May 22 through the following Tuesday, 30th. All money will be counted and the winning teachers will be announced Tuesday morning!


Please check out “Thrones for Homes” website. Mrs. Aupperle will be sending a video about this nonprofit organization that helps families stay healthy, safe and happy.  They also have a Facebook page with pictures of the family this organization impacts. Who knew that a simple toilet could do just that?

Thank you for your support,

Lead project Student Council members

Zealand, Joe, Mia and Mrs. Aupperle