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Student IDs

Starting Monday, May 8, 2017, students at Park Elementary will begin to utilize their Student ID’s to embark and disembark buses; this includes students who access bus services daily to get to and from school, as well as students who may utilize bus services for field trips or other related school activities. Please note that we will only be distributing ID's to regular bus riders to start.  Schools will hold non-bus-rider student ID's and only issue for single-use such as field trips that require 9-R buses, and collect again at the end of the field trip.

Students who ride the bus regularly will be provided their new Student ID with a clip to attach to it; this will allow the ID’s to be easily accessible as students get on and off the bus, and will help prevent loss.

While the school will go through the process with all students, please review the following procedures with your student:

  1. When a student boards the bus they will scan their student ID, there will be an audible beep and a light to indicate the ID was scanned successfully
  2. When the bus has arrived at a school or at the student’s stop the student will then again scan their ID as they disembark the bus.
  3. The scanners for the ID’s will be located by the student door where scanning of the ID’s will be the most convenient.

Student ID’s for elementary-aged students will have a picture of the student and their full name printed on it. The ID’s will have the district logo on them but will not designate what school the student attends. For students opted-out of FERPA, the ID’s will only include their name and the district logo.

Please see the included Student ID Bus Regulation for full details around these processes.  Please note that there will be a charge to families to replace the cards. Again, please see the regulation for full details.

Should you have any questions about this new system, please contact your school office or Transportation at (970) 375-5335.