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Dear Park Families,

After Spring Break, Park Elementary will no longer accept end of the day messages for students after 2:30.  On any given day, we have 22 phone calls to teachers which is very disruptive to the learning environment.  Please contact the front office before 2:30 with end of day messages.


“The power of yet.”  How many times have you heard you child tell you, “I just can’t do it.”  Any time you hear this word, you should immediately respond “yet”.  “You can’t do it, yet.” By using the word yet, you are instilling a growth mindset into your child.  Encouraging your child to have a growth mindset is one of the most important things you can teach him. Aside from teaching the basic book skills, empowering your child to change the way he thinks can be life altering.  When a child has a fixed mindset, he has already made up his mind about his possibilities, what he can do and how much effort he should put forth.


Carol Dweck concept of growth mindset is based on the premise that we are all on learning journey, and that just because you haven’t accomplished a task yet, does not mean that you cannot or should not try and certainly that you should not give up. Your “yet” is coming, your “yet” is not yet here.  By adding one small word to an end of a statement, we can teach our children that their efforts through practice and hard work equals achievement and then the possibilities of improving are wide open.


At Park, we teach the power of yet through our habits of a mindful learner.  The concept of perseverance and grit along with the ability to grow as learners is something we hold dear to our hearts as educators.  Help us grow your child as scholars, by using the word yet.  To learn more about the power of yet, here are a few resources:

    *Sesame street song by Janelle Monet,”The Power of

      Yet” -


      *Growth Mindset article


     *Ted talk video:


Marie Voss-Patterson, Principal