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Hello from the Principal

Park has integrated restorative practices in multiple ways.  All students at Park come together in community building crew circles to talk about problems and voice their concerns, which encourages peer to peer respect and problem solving during Crew.  When there is a more specific conflict, smaller groups are used. These groups involve the harmed student, the person that caused or is causing the harm, and an adult facilitator. The intended outcome is to identify how to repair the harm caused and to learn from mistakes.

When there is a large conflict, restorative practices are used as a means of reintegration following a suspension.  Since implementation of restorative practice at Park Elementary, we have reduced the amount of repeat suspensions and expulsions.  Students are also reporting that they feel heard and feel safer after engaging in an RP circle.   We currently have a facilitator at Park who is coaching students and staff in using RP practices, and we will continue to grow as educators in learning how to work with students when they are in conflict.  If you have questions regarding RP practices, please feel free to reach out with questions.

In Partnership,

Marie Voss-Patterson