This is How We Roll - Driving a 9-R School Bus is About the Kids

But Steve says it’s the kids that are the best thing about the job. His eyes light up when he talks about the little ones on his bus. “They’re so inquisitive and cute, with the questions they ask and the things they say” he says. “Every day is an adventure.” One of his routes is for elementary students and he’s watched many of his riders grow up, and has developed a strong bond with them, and often their parents, who greet him at the bus stop.

He is keenly aware of the responsibility of driving a school bus. The safety of the students is always the top priority for Steve, and every member of the Transportation Department.

Durango School District 9-R is always looking for kind and compassionate individuals, like Steve, who can drive our buses. Interested individuals do not need to already have their CDL license; the district offers paid training and testing to become a licensed driver, all done on site. All bus drivers and trainees are well trained and supported before they get behind the wheel.

This can be a good position for a parent looking for a little extra, too. It aligns well with school schedules, and bus drivers get the summers off. There are also positions to drive Special Needs routes. The smaller buses require some training but not the full CDL license. 

Drivers work nine months of the year. The shifts are typically 5-6 hours and are split into mornings and afternoons. Drivers qualify for full benefits from the district, including health, dental and vision insurance, retirement, sick and personal leave. Additional hours may be available, too, for activities, sports, and field trips.

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