Making Every Day a Fresh Start - Custodial Staff Keep Schools Clean and Ready for Students

She likes her job, it combines work that she knows well and enjoys, with a family-like work environment and good pay and benefits. She feels at home at Animas Valley. From the principal to the kids who greet her in the halls, she feels appreciated for her contribution. She likes that it’s a steady, year-round job with better pay and benefits than the hospitality industry or cleaning companies typically offer. 

The main duties of a custodial position are: clean, repair, and maintain assigned buildings, equipment, systems, and grounds in compliance with all safety, health, and District rules and regulations.  These are full-time positions that come with benefits including health, dental, vision, life insurance, sick leave, personal leave, and annual leave. Part time positions are also available.

The Durango School District 9-R currently looking for Custodial staff. If you want a job offering good pay, benefits and people who appreciate you, visit and apply today. Click Here to learn more.