2021 Board Elections and Vacancy

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Script - Board President Kristin Smith:

“Number one on the agenda is the board election announcement.  We have received all of the names of the candidates for each um director of district election for School Board elections and they are available on the 9r website under the board elections tab and also under stories on the front page of our website.  So be sure to check those out and I just want to remind everyone to vote in the November elections.

This is a very exciting election and we’re really excited for the opportunity that the 9-R school district has to invite more new board members to our school board.  

Alright, the next up is our new agenda item number five, and we have a resolution of vacancy.  We have a resolution declaring vacancy on the board of directors.  Board of Director, Andrea Parmenter became a non-resident of her Director District D August 16, 2021 resulting in vacancy of the Durango 9-R School Board. 

Be it therefore resolved that a vacancy is hereby declared on the board pursuant to CRS-2232-129 for the remainder of term ending November 7, 2023.  

I just want to thank Andrea for her amazing service on the school board for the last year and a half.  We joined this board around the same time and it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with you and I thank for the many accomplishments and all of the things you’ve contributed to on this board.”

The resolution is viewable below. Also attached is the “Filling a Vacancy on the Board” statute from the Colorado Association of School Boards, which outlines the requirements for a school board should a vacancy occur within 90 days of an election. It continues to outline the requirement for the Board President to appoint a new board member to serve out the remainder of the term. Please see the attachments for more information.