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Park Elementary Newsletter -- Sept. 21st, 2020

Learning Models

Park Elementary is currently offering three different models to meet the needs of families.  After nine weeks, you may choose a different model if you would like.   A survey will come out in the middle of October asking families about their preference of learning models for the second quarter.  



Please make sure that your child’s masks fit them properly (covering their nose and mouth). You may also consider sending an extra mask with your child, so that they may change if their mask becomes soiled or damp.



Roughly 40% of our families are self-certifying their children in the morning. WE NEED YOUR HELP!! Please, make sure that you have taken your child’s temperature and filled out the self-certification before you send your child to school.  Below is the link you will use: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/7274c95eeb5c4daeb51b76ec88a72d37 If you need a paper version that your child can turn in daily, please ask your child’s teacher.


Information regarding the possibility of a quarantine at Park:

We have included information in this link about what happens should your child’s cohort collapses into quarantine.   If you have any additional questions regarding this information, please contact the school. What to expect if Your Child Goes Into Quarantine


After- School Restraint Collapse: 

About this time of year, you may experience misbehavior with your child.  This is normal and to be expected.  Experts call it,  “after-school restraint collapse.”   Symptoms of after-school restraint collapse can look a variety of different ways, but usually children regress emotionally.  They act younger than their age, whine, cry, act needy, moody and will look and behave as if they are exhausted.  After-school restraint collapse is extremely common in kids under 12, says Psychotherapist Nancy Brooks, and (thankfully) lessens as children develop more emotional resiliency.  Brooks explains that students have to show a lot of self-control during the school day, so it’s only natural for kids to release their emotional and physical energy as soon as they are with their families.  


Here is how you can help your child:  Wait to ask how your child’s day was.  Give your child time to get a snack and relax their minds before asking about school.  Offer a physical activity such as walking, biking, or hiking.  Make sure you are modeling the behavior you want to see; It is not uncommon to have parents walk in irritable from work (after all work- restraint collapse is real).  As the school year goes on, you can expect after-school restraint collapse to ease up a bit—both because of our children’s increasing maturity and their adjustment to the new schedule. If your child is still struggling with before, or after school restraint by November, please check in with Marie or Laurel so that we can offer support and suggestions.   


In Partnership, 


Marie Voss-Patterson and Laurel Pate

Park Administration