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End of Year Newsletter (2019-2020) from Park Elementary - June 2nd, 2020

MODELS OF LEARNING  Next year, if COVID is still a risk, there will be a blended model in which students will attend in person instruction two days a week and will then engage in remote learning two days a week.  IF there is NO RISK of COVID-19, students will return to a traditional model 5 days a week.    In the blended model, students will either attend Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday.    There will be daycare options available for students for families who need care. The cost will be $30.00/ day for each child. 

REMOTE INSTRUCTION - A remote learning option will also be available for families as well. The child will not come to the school, but rather engage in an online model. 

PARENT SURVEY - Please take the parent survey that Dan Snowberger sent out regarding the different types of models for students.  This survey will help us plan our master schedule.   Beginning Tuesday, we will contact families via phone if you have not had a chance to take the survey yet. In case you didn't get the line, click here: Learning Model Survey (English) for 2020-21 Learning Model Survey (Spanish) for 2020-21

STAFF CHANGES  - Every year, Park Elementary undergoes changes to its staffing and this year is no different. 

Teachers who are moving outside of Durango:

1st - Jenny Anesi (Ouray)

1st - Nick Wallen  (Washington)

5th - Gianna Fable (China)

5th - Charlie Burns (China)

GT - Jamie Driscoll (Ozarks/Missouri)


Intervention - Joan Kuhn 

Internal shifts

Intervention - 1st grade - K’Lyn Meier

Coaching position - ½ time 5th grade - Sarah Hallett

3rd -  5th grade  -Tim Fry

3rd -  5th grade -Hilary Preston

5th - 2nd grade -  Brittany Hanson

New Hires:

3rd grade - Sarah Strouthopoulos


Every student has materials that need to be picked up at Park. You may pick up your student’s materials until June 5th at 2:00 pm.   If you need to pick up your student’s materials, please call the front office and set up an appointment.   

LIBRARY BOOKS (Action required) - We still have 150 books that need to be dropped off at Park Elementary.  There will be a bin located in  the front of the school and you may drop off your book anytime until June 8th. 

YEARBOOKS - You can purchase a yearbook online. Last day to order will be June 5th, 2020. Yearbook Order form 2019-20
ORDERING  SUPPLIES - Please check your email regarding how to order pre-packaged student supplies.  If you have questions, please email Kmeier@durangoschools.org  Click on this link to pre-order (School ID=PAR287): Park Elementary Pre-Ordered School Supply form for 2020-21

Even though it is challenging to wrap up our school year this way, we feel so grateful to our Park Community.  Your support, cheerleading, and engagement inspire us to be better leaders. Have a good summer!

In Partnership,

Marie Voss-Patterson, Principal &  Laurel Pate, Assistant Principal