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Student Led Conferences - Oct. 24 (Thurs.) or Oct. 25th (Fri.) - Class Tag sign up

Park Elementary is excited for Student-Led Conferences (SLCs).  SLCs engage children in understanding and taking ownership of their learning. There are multiple benefits for SLCs.  Students are given a voice in their education and accept and communicate personal responsibility for their learning. Students who participate in SLCs allow students to reflect on their progress and build goals around areas of strengths and weaknesses.  At Park, we believe students who lead their conferences are building self-confidence, presentation skills, and critical-thinking. Classroom teachers will connect with parents for 10 minutes of the 20 minutes.

Role of Parent/Guardian in SLCs

* The parent/guardian must be willing to let the student speak, saving questions until the end.
* The parent/guardian arrives on time.
* The parent/guardian shares any lingering concerns with the crew advisors at the end of the conference.
* The parent/guardian helps the student meet his or her academic and behavioral goals by supporting their progress at home.

Parent/Family Norms

* Be fully present: Honor the process with open eyes and mind.
* Seek first to understand: Listen, watch, and ask questions without judgment.
* Ask questions:  Clarify student reflections with respectful questions.
* Enjoy yourself!  Take pride in the process of your child’s learning

We look forward to seeing you to celebrate your child’s growth and progress!

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