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Dear Park Families,

Here are some lessons and tips to help you get started:

Lesson One -Goal: Recognize wants vs needs.  Sort out and prioritize what your child wants to do vs what your child needs to do.  Your child does homework first, playing comes later.

Lesson Two -Goal: keep track of what needs to be done. Make daily checklists of what needs to be done (a picture schedule works well too).


1. Get up and get dressed

2. Brush teeth

3. Eat Breakfast

4. Get Backpack ready

5. Lunch box

6. Coat

7. Homework folder


Lesson Three -Goal: Teach your child the daily schedule.  Let your child know that you get up at 6:45 and leave for school at 7:30.  Discuss what needs to be accomplished during that time. At night, talk about responsibilities between 3:00 and bedtime and communicate when bedtime is.  More importantly, stick to the schedule especially in the early days and weeks of learning about time management.


Lesson Four -Goal: Teach your child how to measure time so they understand what an hour, 15 minutes, and five minutes feels like.   Help them out by setting a timer during a block of time when they're supposed to be completing a task. Keep a clock close by and give them a verbal and visual countdown as the minutes tick by so they can begin getting an internal feel for these time segments.


Thank you for being a partner at Park,

Marie Voss-Patterson, Principal