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November News from the Principal


Oct. 31st, we will be conducting parent teacher conferences where you, your child and your child’s teacher will discuss progress since the beginning of the year. Our goal as a school is to increase student ownership in their own learning. Part of the plan is for students to be able to communicate their learning to others. That being said, “school” implies active learning where your student and the teacher are engaged in direct instruction, group and individual learning as well as projects and integrate learning. If your child is not at school, it is extremely difficult for the experience in the classroom to be replicated at a different time.


It is imperative to your child’s education that they are at school and on time daily.  Being timely and dependable is a quality for life.  We appreciate you helping your child to attain this skill. School is their “job” and being late or absent creates many disadvantages in learning.



Kathleen Lau, Principal, Park Elementary